Company Values

Our values – Passion, Respect, Integrity, Discipline and Excellence are the basis for our daily business and our business relations. Each and every person at Mercedes-Benz makes a contribution to our respectful working environment.


  • •Our brands and heritage are world class and are the foundation of our leadership and success.
  • •We are flexible in our thinking, open to learning and we deliver top performance every day.
  • •We recognise talent and potential, and inspire our colleagues to optimise their efforts and contribution.
  • •We are positive in our approach and refuse negativity.
  • •Whatever we do, we do with genuine passion and commitment.


  • •We always treat our colleagues, customers, suppliers and external partners how we wish to be treated.
  • •We create an environment based on shared and understood values and behavior.
  • •We cooperate and openly share knowledge and information within the Company.
  • •We deliver on our promises and never put off the hard decisions.
  • •Our actions consistently exhibit our high quality values.


  • •Our reputation is based on our commitment to always be ethical regardless of circumstance.
  • •We are not afraid to say no and will defend what is right or our brands and our people.
  • •We are accountable and acknowledge our achievements as much as out shortcomings.
  • •We believe in mutual trust, behaving in a way that is worthy of trust.
  • •We stand by our products and deliver on our promises with honest and fairness.


  • •We are committed to operate in a dependable and responsible manner.
  • •We lead by example. We discuss and share lessons learnt.
  • •We are focused on delivering results.
  • •We encourage growth planning, rewards and recognize hard work and deliver positive actions for our people.


  • •We strive for the best in everything we do.
  • •We embrace innovation and change. We lead by example and deliver clear and consistent messages.
  • •We are recognised as best practice within the industry.
  • •We achieve outstanding results using open and transparent measures to monitor, evaluate and report.
  • •We acknowledge and reward our achievements.


Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific and Mercedes-Benz Financial Services are fast paced, innovative and truly exciting companies. With our parent company Daimler the inventor of the automobile, we are at the forefront of one of the most exhilarating and intensely competitive industries in the world.

With more than 1000 employees and a vast business covering passenger cars, trucks, vans, buses, service and parts, finance and insurance, and wholesale and retail operations - a career at Mercedes-Benz is one full of possibilities and the opportunity to grow. At Mercedes-Benz we strive to uphold a culture of excellence in everything that we do. Along with our benchmark brands, products and services, it is our people that ensure a sustainable competitive advantage.

Current Opportunities 

Contribute your knowledge and ideas to Mercedes-Benz. We are looking for people who can bring on board a passion for the automotive business.

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