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Special Purpose Vehicles

Exceptional performance. Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks.

Innovation and safety, perfection and responsibility, versatility and economic efficiency – this is what the Unimog stands for. For more than 70 years, the unique vehicle concept offers individual all-round solutions for countless customer requirements. In close cooperation with bodybuilders, custom-made vehicles are created that combine the accumulated expertise of decades of practice and innovation.

The Econic's outstanding feature: the low-entry concept. It's only two steps to the driver's cab, which means the Econic is ahead of its time, be it in municipal, consolidated or short-radius distribution transport operations, or in any one of a number of further applications.

The Zetros is perfectly equipped for operations over the most difficult terrain – even under the most extreme conditions. Its superior off-road concept derives from the outstanding interaction of its powerful chassis components which ensure fast and safe driving over very varying types of ground.

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Special Purpose Vehicles

  • Econic

    Just as our cities are growing, so too are our requirements for mobility, logistics, the environment and quality of life. Our solution is a commercial vehicle that measures up to these challenges. One that is powerful and efficient, yet at the same time offers maximum safety for all road users. One that delivers sustainable solutions to the increasing emissions levels in urban areas and ensures optimum working conditions for both driver and crew.

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  • Unimog

    The result sets standards: an implement carrier that reaches new heights where productivity, efficiency and environmental friendliness are concerned. And an all-terrain utility vehicle with outstanding off-road characteristics, high efficiency, state-of-the-art large-scale production technologies and excellent system expertise. The combination is a successful overall concept.

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  • Zetros

    Outstanding traction, supremely mobile, tough in the taking: Zetros, the off-road specialist for extreme terrain, is the solution for the future when coping with exceedingly difficult conditions way off sealed roads. Decades of off-road know-how and innovative technology combine to produce this modern truck concept for carrying out extreme operations – and it impressively continues the legendary tradition of conventional trucks.

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    • Agriculture


      Ready for any challenge.

      In its traditional core competence, the Unimog is a real master. This workhorse handles a broad range of transport and field work tasks. With up to 300 hp, the Unimog comes into its own during sowing, crop protection or animal feed transports. The Unimog implement carrier models are experts in transport and equipment usage, while the extreme off-roader rises to the task where ground clearance, payload and robustness are the most important criteria.

      The Zetros also excels, whether on the field or in agricultural logistics. The rugged yet reliable all-wheel-drive truck masters even the most extreme conditions. The secret to success: the current all-wheel-drive conventional-cab generation is based on the chassis and drive technology of the Mercedes-Benz truck series, which has proven itself millions of times over.

    • Airport


      Five star service during winter clearing operations and apron logistics.

      Thanks to the latest safety features, the Unimog and Econic are perfectly equipped for the hustle and bustle on the apron and taxiways. Airport vehicles are active on many fronts in order to allow for smooth operations.

      The Econic takes on logistics tasks like the rapid supply of catering and materials for passengers in the aircraft. It is also used in the refuelling of planes. Its big advantage is the low-entry design which allows the Econic to fit under virtually any aeroplane.

      Ensuring safe runways and the maintenance of the airport's infrastructure is the job of the impressively strong Unimog. Whether it be the aprons, taxiways and runways, or a dusting of snow, a mass of slush or even metre-high walls of snow - the Unimog will be there.

    • All-Terrain Mobile Homes

      All-Terrain Mobile Homes

      Because real adventures start where roads stop.

      Let your imagination run free. Regardless of whether youʼre following in the footsteps of great explorers or discovering places that no-one has found before you, the recreational and long-distance touring vehicles based on Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks make it possible. Both the Unimog and Zetros can be converted into the optimal companion for your travels. How about an extremely agile off-road camper van? Or a robust and reliable expedition vehicle for hunting or rallies?

    • Construction


      The Unimog: a real construction worker.

      Road construction, sewer construction, bore and special tasks: In the construction industry the Unimog shows all its advantages. The professional implement carrier is a testament to its variety. Thanks to its three spaces for attachments, high-capacity drive, high payload and panorama cab, the Unimog can work wherever real power is needed.

    • Energy


      Intense energy in operation with Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks.

      Wherever a maximum of security under the hardest conditions is required, Unimog and Zetros are in their element. As such, they have been playing a leading part in the truck fleets of Europe operating in the energy sector, for decades. From construction of high power lines to maintenance and reconditioning of extensive grids: their spectrum of use is huge.

    • Firefighting


      You can rely on Unimog, Econic and Zetros.

      Fighting fires requires professional performance – from both man and machine. When every second counts, firefighting vehicles have to fulfil the highest standards.

      Speed, reliability, ergonomics and simple handling are essential. Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks have plenty of that. It is with good reason that fire services the world over rely on Unimog, Econic and Zetros. An outstanding range of variants provides a wealth of options for a well equipped fire-fighting vehicle.

    • Food & Drink

      Food & Drink

      On a culinary mission.

      Extraordinary uses are its daily bread: wherever contractors and visionaries needs a reliable partner, the Mercedes-Benz Unimog is at their side.

      Special Trucks excel not only in the construction industry, agriculture, forestry or communal use; they demonstrate their capabilities in many more places. Because the Unimog is also capable of handling culinary tasks. Look no further than Food Truck, beekeeping-vehicles or beverage-cars to see what Special Trucks are capable of.

    • Forestry


      Deeply-rooted in forestry: the Unimog.

      The origins of the Unimog lie in the forestry and the agricultural sector, and are still deeply-rooted there. The implement carrier offers versatile application possibilities in various fields of forestry work. Due to its outstanding off-road and highspeed qualitites, the Unimog is ready for action 24/7, and supports forest managements and contractors in their daily work.

    • Mining and Coal Industry

      Mining and Coal Industry

      Mining with the Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks.

      Driving special operations in the mining and coal industry is no problem with Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks. Due to the well-considered vehicle concepts and the specially tailored configurations, the Unimog and Zetros also provide services in areas that are difficult to access.

    • Municipal


      Road maintenance as its best.

      Our roads are kept in running order year-round thanks to road maintenance workers. With help of the Unimog implement carrier, services can still be executed reliably from summer through to winter. Whether plowing snow, scattering grit, cleaning streets, chopping wood or mowing grass. Even for special activities such as purifying the minimum clearance outline along the driving track, the Unimog is ideal. For decades, countless communities, building yards and road maintenance contractors around the world have worked with the Mercedes-Benz Unimog.

    • Road-Rail Operations

      Road-Rail Operations

      Versatile on roads and rails.

      The Unimog is used on road and rail in a variety of markets across the world, demonstrating an extensive range of applications. Even the smallest detail of the Mercedes-Benz implement carrier is thoroughly considered - and it has been that way for more than 50 years.

      The Unimog road-railer version is used for shunting, maintenance and cleaning tasks. Railway companies, operators of metros and city railways as well as service providers in track construction and maintenance make great use of the implement carrier.

    • Urban Logistics

      Urban Logistics

      The Econic is delivering solutions. For today and tomorrow.

      How do you develop a unique generation of commercial vehicles like the Econic? By disregarding conventions and following your own convictions.

      The Econic is centered around a uniquely pioneering cab concept, one of a kind in the world: Low Entry. Think panoramic glazing, exemplary ergonomics, and intuitive control systems.

      The Econic is just right for for your transport requirements. Everything is designed to assist the driver's interactions with the vehicle in the best possible way, and help them to master the particular challenges of the city safely and efficiently. Every day. For all road users.

      Life is getting harder and faster. At the same time, the demands on supply are steadily increasing. Get on board and see how the Econic brings new impetus to urban logistics.

    • Waste Management

      Waste Management

      Efficient waste management in cities and municipalities.

      Public cleaning and waste management services often struggle with the narrow streets, heavy traffic and chaotic situations found in urban areas. To deal with these challenges, the low-floor vehicle Econic was created: strong, agile and much more ergonomic than any other special-purpose vehicle, which is ideal for waste management.

    • Contract companies and service providers

      Contract companies and service providers

      365 days full service for municipalities, farmers and forestry enterprises.

      Contract companies found in agriculture, forestry and municipal services present diverse job opportunities. For these highly specialised activities, the Unimog is truly ideal. It offers professional equipment, high load capacity and economical drive technologies. With the Unimog, contract companies obtain the basis for broad-based vehicles and machinery.

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