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Mercedes-Benz Telematics.

Fleet Management System.

Keep your business moving.

With ever increasing operating costs, performance demands, contract and compliance obligations, it is imperative that operators keep a close eye on their vehicles at all times. The Mercedes-Benz Telematics system allows you to do just that.

With GPS technology, and our proprietary software specifically designed for the Australian market, Mercedes-Benz Telematics provides detailed fleet information, such as vehicle location, driver behaviour and engine status, to service and accident alerts, in real time.

All the information you need is easily accessed via a desktop portal, or mobile app (available on both Android and iOS platforms).

With Mercedes-Benz telematics, you get a complete picture of your entire fleet, with invaluable detail at an individual vehicle level, allowing you to:

  • make informed fleet management decisions
  • increase productivity
  • increase profitability
  • reduce operating expenses
  • improve driver and road safety

MB Uptime Assist.

In addition to Mercedes-Benz Telematics hardware, which is fitted standard to all new trucks, the unique MB Uptime Assist is complimentary with all new Mercedes-Benz Trucks, and features in-dealership monitoring (during the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty period). 

Key features of Mercedes-Benz Telematics contract:

  • Easily view the status of vehicle(s).
  • Direct connection into the vehicle’s Fleet Management System (FMS) interface, monitoring and reporting the vehicle’s status directly.
  • Customisable live dashboard that gives you an instantaneous overview of your vehicle(s).
  • Ability to be retrofitted to selected earlier models and other selected manufacturer vehicles.

Key benefits:
  • Enhanced data and vehicle security.
  • Real time and historical vehicle tracking.
  • Comprehensive reporting.

For more information and pricing, contact your local authorised Mercedes-Benz Trucks Dealership today.